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DRP Consulting, Inc.


Process Efficiency

Process management, ALM planning and business analysis. Identify cost-consuming processes and work as a team to make process more efficient.

Software Development

DRP Consulting, Inc. has created software packages for a wide variety of industries. We create customized software tailored to your requirements and specifications.


We create detailed plans for solutions. Internally implementation of solutions or identity of solution providers.

Our Company

Our History

DRP Consulting has established a vast knowledge
base, giving us the ability to find solutions to
every problem we encounter. We offer you the
integrity and the track record that may enable
you to enhance the value of your practice, build
new sources of income and become a greater
resource to your clients.

Message From Founder

The only thing certain in business today is that nothing remains certain for very long. As Tom Peters points out in his book Crazy Times Call for Crazy Organizations, the pace of change is incredible. He observes that you “must compress 10 years of change by yesterday’s standards into one year, if not months”.


DRP Consulting, Inc. is a small minority-owned business that provides professional and information
technology services. The company was established by Sam Elshiwick and a team of computer system
engineers and business analysts whose combined 40 years of successful software development and
project management.


At DRP Consulting, Inc., we are always looking for the best and the brightest. We are working towards a dream where the potentials of the future can be fulfilled.  For that reason, we offer opportunities to make an impact in tomorrow's technology, which we  are building today. We would like to take this chance to invite you to explore and learn more about what we can offer you. 

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Contact Us

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DRP Consulting, Inc.

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